JANGORENDER for AfterEffects

JANGORENDER is a background rendering assistant for After-Effects, (designed to use as much of your machine as possible).
Use it to start multiple render instances of your After Effects projects.
Greatly reducing render-times and making more efficient use of your hardware.



  1. Add "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files" to your environment variables.
  2. Enable "Skip Existing Files".
  3. Save a your project with output destination, (no support for subfolders)
  4. Open the project with Jangorender.exe
  5. Enter no. of Frames
  6. Enter no. of After Effects Instances
  7. JANGORENDER must be force-quit, as it will keep trying until "no. of frames" is satisfied.


JANGORENDER.EXE was made by encapsulating a powershell script into an executable with PS2EXE. If this poses a security issue, please refer to the original script at github.


Automated Content Creation (Cinco 2019)

~content production at the press of a button!

Insta-Fashion Videos

During my time at CINCO I helped develop experiential marketing campaigns. We made unique and fun activities for public events including this Instamatic "Fashion Commercial" Booth. Using multiple camera angles, all feeding into one computer running Touchdesigner. Leveraging my experiece with Aftereffects, I programmed the automated replacement of content and on-the-fly rendering and uploading.

Insta-"3D" GIF

To accomplish this "3D" effect in a GIF, I automated an android phone to move along the track and record the subject for 2 seconds and send the content to the back-end services where we used FFMPEG and other tools to brand and convert the files before sending them back for choosing.

Rainbow LED Relay

Currently in development

This Full-color LED RELAY is based on the APDS 9960 gesture sensor. Coupled with an arduino or atTiny and capacitive sensing -Each module can trigger a rainbow effect by "letting go" of the object after rotating it in place. If a module's sensors "see" the light -the color is recognized and the next in sequence is emmitted thereby continuing the relay of color. A playful concept with various creative applications! See it in action here!




Inspired by the Stylophones of the 80s-90s. My co-designer, Roni and I have begun developing our own simple pen based electronics synths.


Shown above are one of many "Atari Punk Consoles" I have made for family and friends. It is my favorite electronics starter-project and can be easily modified and extended to include various sensors both digital or analog.

Circuit Diagram reference: Jameco

"It's a picnic!"

Created by By Alice Zhang, mechanics and automation by Pascal Champagne, Thierry Dumont and Jason Hendrik

We animated Alice's creations and helped bring to life this colorful storefront concept. Using arduinos, motors, fans, eleastics and custom pulleys, recycled wood, PVC pipes and other simple hardwares, we automated simple puppetry concepts (stares, glances, eye movements etc) -and integrated them into her designs.