This is used for "shadow-matching" to your environment.
Place the Unicorn opposite to the Real-world light source and shadow should follow.


Enable/Disable Sounds


XR Unicorn is Work-in-progress Web-AR experiment exploring dynamic shadow placement. Web-AR is most easily defined as an Augmented reality experience requiring only a web-browser and compatible device.

No apps to download and less friction for end users, however with some caveats as the "web-XR" standard is under development.


The following UI elements are available:

Scan Area:
Move your device around to help build the underlying environment map.

Exit AR:
Press this to exit..

Restart Placement:
Reactivates the target, so the model can be repositioned.

Toggle scale:
Toggles the model between miniature and full-size.

Toggles Flying unicorn

remove the UI buttons by touching the picture frame!

When all is loaded and WebXR is available, you can enter the experience by pressing on the glowing unicorn. If its the first time, the browser will ask for camera permissions. Once the experience is loaded, move your device around until a target is shown. Touch the target to place a unicorn in your environment.

For Augemented Reality to work, the browser's underlying XR framework needs to track your environment. It does this by progressively creating a 3D map while you move your device. Users are encouraged to gently move their device around. A well lit environment is strongly recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: The WebXR standard is fairly new, your browser might not yet support it; Chrome v81 and up should support it out of the box.


Reach Out

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Email: info[@]illusiontechnique.com